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Omnisek Channel Review

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Omnisek has been on Youtube for quite some time, but didn't start posting videos regularly until 5 months ago. Omniseks provides a combination of gaming and vlogging and is passionate about helping other people. He is part of a community called team filthy that also strives to help other people. Here’s the video that I saw when I first dropped onto his channel.

Equipment Used

2 monitors 
1ms response time Samsung's keyboard 
blackwidow mouse 
mamba Razer chroma mouse pad 
pc is hand build (Logitech camera 920, maybe i5, 3570k Intel processor, z77 stock mobo 8 gb of ram ssd)

The Grading

Channel Look

Old Channel Look

When I first went to Omnisek's channel I was once again greeted by loud music to catch my attention. Looking at the opening I’d say the intro is very typical for most gamers introductions. It’s still is a good opening, however there isn’t anything too distinct that sets him apart as far as an intro goes. Loud music, moving camera. If you've seen one, you saw most others.

The video or “trailer” isn’t much of a trailer but showing off a piece of Omni’s content. This is good as people can get a feel for the type of content that is being created. This is good, and kind of bad in Omni's case. I'll talk about it later.

Looking over the first page, the heading doesn’t explain anything about Omni’s content or when to expect it. The picture above is an older picture I took but between me taking that shot and doing this review Omni changed the logo. The heading was, and still is conflicting with the channel image as well.

Omni's About page also has little to provide except the type of content he provides. Looking at it, we can expect a variety from him.

Current Channel Look (As of April 4 2017)

Omni's About Page

The Sections

There are no sections aside from the default which is Uploads. From there you can get an idea of the thumbnails but also his content. Omni posts primarily Pokemon related videos with vlogs and other games sprinkled about.

The thumbnails overall look visually pleasing and as far as posting goes it seems he posts on a weekly basis (sometimes more often) but as to what he’ll be posting is a mystery.


Omni does use playlists, but they don’t explain much about what the content is about. Also he has no dedicated playlist for any of his Pokemon Go videos.


The first video of Omni set a bit of tone for me. First I learned a little more about him and his personality. Omni is a social individual and is quite relaxing as well. He’s got a good sense of humour as well. I firstly watched a Pokemon Go stream he uploaded already along with another one of his videos that isn’t related to Pokemon Go. Check them both out below.

Omnisek’s Pokemon Go Stream

Pokemon Go has been on the scene for a while now and I don’t believe at this point it needs much of an explication on how to play. Omni spent his time catching Pokemon and walking around New York city. Also the fact he was recording on his phone the video is significantly smaller and has the massive black bars. This diminishes the quality of the video but in the case of streaming a game on a phone it can be very tricky to have it full screen, or even impossible at this point.

But as for the commentating itself goes, Omni had a balance of looking around (for obvious reasons), and talking to his viewers. Streams are different when it comes to commentating because in some cases of streams it comes down to people who are watching the stream but also engaging with streamer. This is the other reason why I picked a non-Pokemon video as well. 

BlackWake | Gameplay

When I first watched the video you are immediately dumped into the game. Because of that it’s a little disorienting, not to mention as well Omni didn’t say hello or anything. Even though the title states clearly that it’s a video revolving around gameplay, if there is commentary then at least say “hey guys” or some way to introduce yourself. 

What was also unusual was the intro. Omni used a different animation. Not only that but it seems he uses it in various videos since it wasn't included in his stream footage.


Based on the three videos I saw I can piece together who Omni is and what he’s like. His personality shines through his content. You can tell he’s got a sense of humour, he jokes around a lot and is more laid back. 

I would say Omni’s personality is like a casual gamer. He’s chilled and aims for people to enjoy the game rather than be informed about every detail like walkthrough gamers.

Marketing (On Youtube)

Ranking on Pokemon Go Stream

Omnisek’s marketing strategy is the most detailed I’ve seen thus far. Using a combination of short and long tail keywords Omni has gotten a chance to rank in some of his videos. The only thing is he’s ranked on his own name.

It’s good he’s ranking his videos on search, however he hasn’t ranked on more commonly searched for terms. This limits visibility. Still he has put some effort into it.

Marketing (Outside of Youtube)

Outside of Youtube, we turn to Twitter and Instagram for Omni. He does have Facebook however it is his personal page so I won’t include it in this review.


There are two major issues when first looking at Omni’s Instagram. First is the account is private meaning I have to make a request in order to follow. So I can’t review his content because I have to go through that extra step. Secondly I noticed that his following count is higher than follower count and I’ve already discussed my issue with that in the past.


On twitter we run into the same issue where Omni has more following than followers. His heading also doesn’t provide any insight to his channel, however it does mesh well with his profile picture.

As far as post frequency, Omni spends a lot of his time retweeting with a few posts of his scattered about. However the mention of his channel is very sparse.

Grading, Reasons, and Tips

Channel Look - 2/5

The video that’s put in place for the trailer is a wise move in some situations. Like I said above, the video gives the viewer a good idea of what sort of content that is being created. But as I hinted at kind of, it’s only good in certain contexts. The other thing is his heading not meshing with his logo. I’m deducting a point because of those.

Secondly is the absence of sections. Omni has been around for five months at this point uploading at a somewhat consistent pace. I was expecting at least one extra section outside of the typical Upload section.

Lastly is the playlists. Omni does have them, but it doesn't tell much about the kind of videos you can expect in there. Not to mention there are no playlists for the main content he uploads, Pokemon.

My first tip is to make a trailer. Like I said, sticking to a video you upload as a “trailer” can be good in certain contexts. Examples are if you are big and well known to the point that it doesn’t matter as much about what you post there. The other example being that your channel focuses on one theme of videos (purely vlogging channels or channels where you only do rants or bake cakes, etc.).

Omni has a gaming and vlogging channel, and as such posts some different content. As such it would be wise to either take various clips from the various videos he posts or does a trailer explaining directly who he is and what he’s about.

Next is the sections and that’s a matter of putting them in there. Make them tie in with the trailer. For example since Omni plays a lot of Pokemon or creates Pokemon related videos, the first section should be about Pokemon. Followed up by vlogs and then other miscellaneous videos.

As for playlists again it’s a matter of creating them and even going as far as adding in a few more words to better explain the playlists.

Content - 3/5

Omni is more like a casual gamer. He isn’t as flamboyant or sporadic as other individuals and has genuine reactions. This can set him apart from other gamers, but it may make for less entertaining content in some peoples eyes. I know for myself I couldn’t finish watching his videos because it seemed to drag on a little. Something seemed missing and preventing me from really enjoying the content. The other aspect was the intro which only appears in random videos. Consistency is important.

As far as my tips go, I’d suggest Omni to continue to experiment. I know with streams they work differently, however having a highlight reel instead of the full stream being uploaded to Youtube may be smarter. It’ll incentivize people to watch the streams. Or you can make the videos more interactive by creating a sort of persona revolving around the game. I know when I created Pokemon Go videos on my channel I played it up like a Pokemon adventure, taking screen shots of the Pokemon I caught, talking like Batman and complaining about god damn pidgey’s. They were fun to create but it had a sort of a story around it.

As for that missing part I believe it might be simply engagement. Omni has a good personality and people are engaging with his content. But I believe Omni can experiment a little more with his videos and get more out of it. Again focusing on a story telling aspect. I know he joined youtube to create good content and help uplift other people, however it doesn’t really translate in his videos. He can certainly make them feel comfortable and accepted since he's a welcoming individual.

Personality - 4/5

Again Omni has a good personality as I’ve iterated throughout this review. I enjoy his mellowness and joking personality. However, like I said above I believe something is really missing to keep me hooked in and I may not be the only one. This will be grown over time as Omni continues to create and experiment. My advice is to continue to do that. He is authentic in his commentary but it can be built upon by being a little more engaging with the audience.

Marketing (On Youtube) - 4/5

I was a little divided on this, debating a little on whether it’s a 3 or a 4. In the end I went with the higher score as Omni does use a combination of long tail and short tail keywords in his tags. It shows that he’s at least branching out of the typical one keyword tags that many people use. There’s nothing wrong with using short tail keywords, however it becomes tougher if your entire strategy is short tail keywords.

Not to mention that the major thing with marketing or getting views ultimately comes down to content and personality.

That being said I’d still encourage Omni to delve a little bit further into marketing. I’d suggest going to the Creator’s Academy and finding some new tactics on marketing techniques. It might also help him in tweaking his content.

Marketing (Outside of Youtube) - 3/5

I can’t review Omni’s Instagram because it’s private and thus it’s hard to determine what he posts. As for Twitter, Omni is posting consistently, but he isn’t talking much about his channel or even at all aside from his pinned tweet.

I’d first make the Instagram profile public, especially if Omni’s content is related to his Youtube channel. If Omni wants to be growing more, it’s important that people don’t have to go through extra steps to even see the content. You can argue it encourages people to follow as it creates an air of mystery but in general most people do not want to go through extra steps. I've grown accustomed to being annoyed that I have to request to follow someone on Instagram, to the point I immediately remove the request and move on.

Secondly Omni should be posting more about his content. Posting a little is alright, however it’s to the point that I don’t see any of his latest content as far as videos go. His interaction is good but he can grow a lot more if he promotes his content a little more often.

If time is an issue, I’d suggest relaying on some kind of automation. As I mentioned before, Buffer is an amazing tool that schedules up to 10 tweets for free. There’s more helpful tools I mention in my “Quick Guide to Growing on Twitter” post.

Overall Score

Total Marks - 16/25

Grade - C

Omni has been around for a while now and even though he’s gotten some great growth and a good following, there is still a lot more for him to work on. Again it’s very difficult to draw up what exactly his channel is all about and what his intent is. Even though he told me when we were talking why he’s on Youtube, there seems to be some disconnection in his content of that.

Still, Omni has some redeeming qualities and if you want a more relaxed and casual gamer, I’d consider checking him out and chatting with him!

Here's his social links!

Twitter        Youtube        Instagram


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