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Welcome to Youtuber Shoutout

Hello everyone and welcome to Youtubers Shoutout! A simple blog with the intent to help other youtubers out there get recognized for their work!

Being a Youtuber myself, I understand the struggle and people wanting to be the next Markiplier, PewDiePie, or Casey Neistat. It's very tough to break through and get noticed and that's really what this blog is all about.

Getting people to break through and get discovered.

So you may be asking...

How will you be doing this?

Well I'm glad you asked this. I'll be doing this in two ways: reviews, and sharing. Let me go and explain each one.


Sharing is the not-as impactful method that I'll be using but it'll serve a purpose. Sharing is simply what it says on the box, I'll be sharing other peoples content. This will be no different than the hundreds of Youtube Retweet/Share accounts that are on twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It's an overused method, but I'm adding something new.

What makes mine so different?

Well for one I'll be posting some of the more notable content I actually enjoyed in a blog post on here. Because I'm anticipating other people to be sharing this content or at least viewing this content, it'll serve as a boost to whatever videos I post.

Well that's nice of you.

I know.

But again, there's a little bit more to it than that.

We're forgetting about...


This is ultimately where the real boost and the whole purpose of this blog stems from and that is reviews.

Like it says, reviews are that, reviews of particular channels. Perhaps people that I've shared a lot of content in the past. Or I stumbled on their work and want to give them a boost. 

I really haven't decided what will be the reason for doing them.

But let's just say I'm doing reviews because I want to.

Now I'm not walking into this blindly. I'll actually be putting together a sort of criteria sheet that will detail scores as well as the various areas in which I'll be reviewing. I'll be posting that soon.

But ultimately this will serve as a spotlight on everything about this person. How it does that is by including links to a creators websites, social media accounts, and Youtube channel. But also I'm providing valuable feedback rather than "the video looks good.". A creator can improve their channel from the advice. Not only that but I'll be reviewing in a positive manner, meaning if there is something that can be built upon I'll explain in detail. 

But what's most important for a youtuber is that they are getting views. Views often times means more subscribers. Also this site will serve as a sort of free link building for websites. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a free method of increasing the amount of general exposure you'll get.

So What's the Catch?

Well there's really no catch to this. I'll be creating these reviews for free along with sharing these videos for free. I will be including other extra features in the future as this blog evolves and grows and those will cost some money, which you could say is the catch. However it will be worthwhile as the blog grows and there are more viewers. Exposure is exposure and exposure is always good. Having extra exposure will cost a small amount however the reviews and sharing of videos in articles will always be free.

My goal in this is to help other people get some recognition but also a boost upwards. Not every person wants to be a millionaire, however having a steady channel and dedicated fan base can help out a content creator in making this a part-time or full-time job. This blog wants to speed up that process even by a little bit.

It's a pleasure to meet you! We'll be chatting more soon!

Eric S Burdon


  1. Sir.
    I see you retweet my every posts.
    Please give me your suggestions regarding my channel TechnoVibes. And can u please help me with a boist fir my channel?

    1. Hey man, I can certainly do that and give you my thoughts on the matter! It may take a bit of time since I do have some other people I'm reviewing first. But one thing I can suggest is read through my entries as they'll have tips on how to improve your channel and videos.

  2. Would love to be reviewed! My channel is JustAndrick-

    1. Hey sorry didn't see your comment there. I'd be happy to do a review. Send me an email at and tell me why you're on Youtube and I'll let you know!


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