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Three Tips on Branding Yourself

One thing that I've been learning this week has been about branding. A brand is a powerful symbol that defines who you are as an individual. A brand is in every single thing that you ever produce. As a Youtuber, most people stick with themselves as the brand and concept and thus it is critical that you "Brand yourself". As such it's important to be aware of your content, being the best that it can be with what you have, but also that you, as the brand, are able to connect with other people.

I've been struggling a lot with these two concepts, not so much my content but especially my branding and presentation. My content is alright, but there is definitely room for improvement.

But anyway I want to be talking about the branding yourself as I've been learning a lot about it and I'd like to share some tips. These tips I believe are crucial to growing a channel and are things that I'm learning through my mentor and I'll be applying as well.

Tip #1 - Aim f…
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Five Tips For Marketing On Youtube

Marketing is something that interests me a lot as I've said before, but my views on it are different to the average person. This post will serve as a few pointers when marketing on youtube, outside of what the typical advice you'll find on most videos when you search "How to grow a Youtube channel" on Youtube. In fact I'll be talking more on a mindset side of things with these tips. But before we delve into the tips I want to share...

My Thoughts on Marketing
It might've shined through in my reviews that I'm not very uptight about optimizing your marketing strategy. Even in my own videos I don't get that much on my case about it. Like I've said before SEO (Search Engine Optimization), using effective tags and having a good description isn't everything. They help, but they aren't everything when it comes to a video on Youtube.
At the same time, I do believe having some basic understanding and making an attempt at it, even if you don't rank…

Omnisek Channel Review

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Omnisek has been on Youtube for quite some time, but didn't start posting videos regularly until 5 months ago. Omniseks provides a combination of gaming and vlogging and is passionate about helping other people. He is part of a community called team filthy that also strives to help other people. Here’s the video that I saw when I first dropped onto his channel.

Equipment Used
2 monitors  1ms response time Samsung's keyboard  blackwidow mouse  mamba Razer chroma mouse pad  pc is hand build (Logitech camera 920, maybe i5, 3570k Intel processor, z77 stock mobo 8 gb of ram ssd)
The Grading Channel Look

When I first went to Omnisek's channel I was once again greeted by loud music to catch my attention. Looking at the opening I’d say the intro is very typical for most gamers introductions. It’s still is a good opening, however there isn’t anything too distinct that sets him apart as far as an intro goes. Loud music, moving camera. If you've seen …

Youtube Video Look-At #1

Hello and welcome to something different for today! I said I'd start sharing peoples videos and I haven't done any of that. So today I'll be changing that in this post. Here's some of the content that I want to highlight and show off to you guys!
Video #1
Love this guys energy. I've been watching TheMrDevizzle from time to time because his personality is very contagious. Check out his latest video below!

Video #2
Another individual I watch from time to time is Genuinely Gage. He's definitely flamboyant but Gage's personality is really contagious. The jump cuts are jarring at times but you can't help but chuckle and laugh at the things he says and does.

Video #3
Really interesting guy who talks about a variety of things. But this video is focusing more on scenery. Very well put together and the scenery is beautiful. Check it out.

I want to keep these posts rather short so I'll be sticking to three videos per posts like this. If you have suggestion…

Hardygurl234 Channel Review

Hardygurl234 Channel Review
Check out Hardy's links!
Youtube, Twitter, Instagram
Hello and welcome to another Youtuber Shoutout review! This time I’m focusing on a Youtuber by the name of Hardy. She’s a gamer who is a let’s player of horror games and has recently devoted her time and energy to making this channel work as indicated by her trailer. Check it out

Not much is known about Hardy, checking her about page has little to no description and the trailer itself didn’t talk about particular details about her channel. I do know that she is clearly open and friendly as well as being honest from her trailer. I discovered what sort of games she plays solely by checking the particular sections she has below.
Equipment Used Hardy is a gamer so gamers have a much different set-up than others. Depending on where you are playing (console, handheld or computer) you’ll need a different set up. Hardy is playing from a computer so that actually requires less equipment. Here’s what’s she’s using to…

A Quick Guide to Growing on Twitter

A Quick Guide to Growing on TwitterI don't mean to brag but I have a lot of followers on my main twitter account, it's actually insane. I'm getting very close to having 12,500 followers on there. Compared to the new twitter account I created for this account it's drastically different. Still I could use some help so if you are on twitter and enjoy reading my stuff thus far it would be great if you retweeted this post and followed me on there too!
I'm more than your typical Youtube Shoutout account. Check out what I'm all about. — YoutuberShoutout (@shoutout_yt) March 4, 2017But anyway the growth on my new twitter account has been a little stagnant. But I can still grow it by applying a few tricks and strategies that I'll be talking about in this post today!

So why use Twitter?But before we dive into that I want to talk about why bother to use twitter at all? With platforms like Instagram tha…