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About Me

About Me

Before I start delving into the depths of reviewing individuals channels, I want to take some time for you all to get to know a little more about me.

Not only that but sharing my story and why I'm doing this and talking about me will give you more clarity.

The other reason is well I can't review myself since I am me and people will argue that I have a bias. Even though if you knew me, you'd know I'm critical of my work.

My Channel

Anyway, more about me. Firstly my name is Eric and I run a Youtube channel by the name of Eric S Burdon. You can check it out here. This channel has been operational as a proper channel since October 1 2015, the day of my first video. Since then the channel has changed a few times but what it is now I intend to keep it that way. 

That channel is all about helping people improve themselves as it clearly states above. I do this by sharing information that pertains to wealth, health, relationships, and self-awareness. I have it under one banner called Eric Burdon TV. What makes my channel unique is the fact I cover those areas rather than one or two. To top it off I also have Let's Talks, Positive Affirmations, and Work Week Updates. 

Let's Talks are discount versions of TEDx Talks, pretty much the same thing as another Eric Burdon TV video. But I cover whatever I feel like instead.

Positive Affirmations are solely positivity and mindset. Spreading pure positivity.

And Work Week Updates were simply that. Not necessarily vlog style but I talk about what's been going on in my life.

Purpose of the channel

But ultimately all of the information I share serves to help improve people. My Eric Burdon TV content provides practical knowledge you can apply. Let's Talks gets people talking about various issues but also introduces different views of people. Knowledge is knowing one side of a coin, intelligence is understanding both sides. 

Positive affirmations pumps people up and hopefully cheers people up. And my work week updates catalogue a journey of progress. People can get an understanding of my issues what I went through but also how I arrived at my current situation.

In the end my channel is about growth and positivity and I have talked a little bit about that on my channel. This is important to me because it's part of my brand and every thing I do stems from that.

Purpose of this blog

One thing I've learned about habits and productivity is that it helps to tie a task or an objective with something meaningful.

The purpose of this blog, and why I'm determined to it is because it stems from my desires. That being again helping people grow and also be positive.

This goes into my grading system but also in how I write. As I mentioned in my welcoming post I'll be posting in a positive manner but also helpful. I won't be leaving it at saying "this is a good video". I'll be explaining why.

The goal is to overall boost the content creator permanently, but like I said again in my grading system to provide some next steps. They have something to build towards.

But Back To Me

But again this article is more about me than about the purpose of this blog. Though now it's very clear why I created this blog in the first place.

I do have hopes to grow this into something larger than what it is right now. But that's for another time. Right now I'd like to talk more about my qualifications for this task.

Even though I have done a few reviews of other things in the past, I don't believe that you need proper experience to do this. Even on my channel I openly admit I'm not an expert on these subjects. I know how to do research is all. Seven years of college and university taught me that.

That being said I do have experience in the sense that I look for knowledge and consume it. Some content made by people making a lot more money than me and have tremendous success. So it is quality that I'm getting it from. 

I have a solid foundation on twitter with over 10K followers (not saying it to brag). I do know what gets people engaged and the do's and do-nots of social media. 

I've again been on Youtube for nearly two years since I'm writing this. I've used some of the tools and I intend to use more of them. And I also have watched a lot of Youtube so I know what's good and what's bad.

And That's It

That's all I really have to say about myself. As I continue to write on here I'm sure you will all learn more about it. Of course the fastest way is to watch my content, but also check out my other blog I have. That is my personal site where I blog about my day, share my youtube videos and provide some more helpful info.

Twitter: @es_burdon
Instagram: @es_burdon
Facebook: @ericsburdon
Youtube: Eric S Burdon


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