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Grading Method

Grading Method

So as per my opening post, I'll be using a grading system to do my reviews. This grading method that I'm using is a simple one to five numbering system, one being the lowest and five being the highest. I'll also include an overall score and a rank as well.

In this post I'll be going into detail what all the numbers and letters will mean. Not only that but I'll be talking about what in the world  the grading method will serve for in these reviews.


 Like I said in my beginning post the purpose of these reviews is to provide valuable feedback to the creator. What is really good and makes them stand out, but also what they can work on. This will always be outlined in a positive way and be explained as well. Saying a video is bad doesn't really help the creator. Same goes as saying a video is good.

Not only that but the review will also serve as a way to decide next steps for the creator as well. To work on the recommendations, but it can also give them an idea on how to improve their overall channel.

What will be graded

So now that we covered that, what exactly will be graded?

A content creator will be graded on 5 overall areas and they are as follows.

Channel Look

Are they uploading on a schedule? Are they following a schedule? What does their thumbnails look like? Are they good? Are they enhancing the viewers experience with playlists and segments?

The Content

What editing techniques did they use? What's their choice of content? How well did they perform?


How comfortable the person is and how well they can spark a connection with their audience? This includes both the video and the comment section.

Marketing (On Youtube)

What tags are they using? What's their description and title look like?

Marketing (Outside of Youtube)

How much effort are they putting into showing off their content outside of Youtube? How are they engaging with other people outside of Youtube?

The numbering system

I do want to be working on individual articles that can provide tips and suggestions of what I look for. The above are examples of things that I'll be looking for, but also the reviews themselves will provide more insight for other creators too. Nevertheless here's a general idea of the numbering system I'll use in the grading method.

1- The lowest possible score. You made no effort at all.

2- Just as bad as 1 but a bit better. There was a minimal amount of effort, you might have tried once or twice and then stopped.

3- A pass. You have put in an average effort into it. It wasn't enough but you clear you tried.

4- Above average. You have been bold in experimenting and trying new things. You might've found some things that work but there are still some areas you can work on.

5- Exceptional. You have identified many opportunities and you have seized them. Even if some of them failed, you've adapted. 

There is obviously a lot more to these numbers and their significance, however this is the very basics and should provide a general understanding of them. Regardless I'll be explaining in the review itself why I believe the creator gets this number.

Overall the creator will be scored out of 25 (five categories and they can awarded five points total in each.) and in the end they'll be assigned a letter. This letter will determine how much a content creator is using the tools around them that they have currently available to them. 

What this means is that someone recording a vlog using a smartphone can be graded just the same or even higher than someone who is using a professional camera. Good equipment doesn't equal a good content creator. It means the creator is a little (or a lot) more serious that they'll go and buy better equipment. But it doesn't mean their videos will be better or ranked higher. The equipment was bought in hopes to improve content in some way.

The lettering will serve as an overview of what to improve. As such the score you get is based heavily on the letter that you'll receive. There will be five letters I'll assign.

A - The best rank that you can achieve. You've taken some time to explore and found some new tools and techniques. You've applied them into your channel and you make a habit of experimenting but also sticking with your formula. There is still room to grow though.

B - You're a little too comfortable with your current methods. There are some areas that you can improve upon but you may not be fully aware of the tools available to you. You might've heard them somewhere but never bothered about using them.

C - You're very comfortable with your methods and you haven't changed them. They're repetitive and people aren't really noticing you. You need to make some changes.

D - You started up a channel and you might've made a few additions to the channel but not much has changed. Your techniques are very much the same as other people within your niche and there isn't much that sets you apart.

F - You are close to a carbon copy of many other channels that I've seen. There isn't much that sets you apart. To top it off you have made no effort in changing that.

With all these in mind, I'm sure it's clear that I'll only be doing reviews for those who want to get a bit more out of Youtube. But here are my rules for reviews. 

Review Rules

1. I will not review drama/negative/hate channels.
2. I won't be reviewing channels where the creator is only looking at purely posting content. In other words they must have goals and objectives.
3. I won't review channels that are carbon copies of other channels. Your channel must have at least one redeeming quality to it that makes it different than everyone else.
4. After posting, the creator must share their review on social media. We'll be sharing it as well. 
5. There is no subscriber requirement, however there should be at least ten videos on your channel that have been uploaded recently.

So those are the rules thus far. I may be expanding on it more as more come to mind but these are very simple to follow. If I have not approached you and you would like to apply for a review, send me an email and tell me why I should review your content.

Until next time!

Eric S Burdon

Email your requests right here!


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